Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Next Time Democrats Want a Gun Compromise

 Offer combined firearms owner/voter ID card .  You have to be 18, U.S. citizen, mot otherwise disqualified (most state prohibit ex-felons from voting).  If you are not sane and responsible enough to own a gun, why would we trust you to vote? "But those are different."  Hilarity results.


  1. Similar concept: How 'bout a voter own real estate (and pay property tax) in the jurisdiction in order to vote in LOCAL elections? Federal rules are of course different. But in discussions about whether non-citizens can, more permissively than in the past, vote in local elections, maybe we should look at making local registration LESS permissive. Same concept.

    Then of course only property-owning, tax-paying, jury-serving, posse-volunteering, voters would be encouraged to own personal arms.

  2. FOID's are an affront to the Constitution. Why should I have the government's permission to benefit from a basic human right - the right to self defense?

    How about instead, we have nationwide constitutional carry? So that the right to keep and bear arms is not - you know - infringed?

    1. It is a compromise they will reject and thus expose themselves.