Monday, August 14, 2006

That's My Job, To Improve The Health of My Readers

I've mentioned my positive experiences with the Breathe Right strips--and some of my readers have profited from it:
Reading your blog prompted me to try these strips for about a week now.

I am definitely getting a deeper sleep.
I feel my appetite has decreased and I seem to feel full faster when I do eat. I'm 5'9", 270 lbs, so this has to help.

But most satisfying is that my dreams have become more peaceful. Normally I have terrible nightmares with incredibly tense scenes and ones of complete fustration, even to the point of being woken unable to breathe. I assume this is because I actually did stop breathing. I still dream a bunch but haven't had the hell scared out of me for about a week now.

I don't know about the snoring - my wife says she so used to it she's blocked me out at night.

I'm sold on these strips!
Another reader had a somewhat different experience as a result--and from reading about my screen-eating grasshoppers:
After reading your blog note on Breathe-Rite strips, I located a couple of strips left over from when I used to use them regularly some years ago and put one on last night. (I had stopped using them because the adhesive was removing too much of my nose skin.) Result: who knows if I had better sleep or not, but I sure had a weird dream. I had a dream that a massive swarm of grasshoppers or locusts had been spotted, and that people were warned to take refuge in their houses. I did so, and somehow developed the idea that I urgently needed to turn off the HVAC system to keep them from entering that way. At that point I woke up.
I know this may come as a surprise, but my purpose for writing is to thank you for your "sinus surgery' article.

I am facing the same kind of surgery, so your play-by-play action was at least helped stop the radical path ones mind can take when assuming what it is "really like" with no substantive knowledge.

This may seem like an unlikely metaphor; however, your article was a lot like my first seeing slides of Cairo, Egypt before moving my family there for a two-year graduate school internship in 1989. When I saw those slides, I was enlightened, or at least, forewarned. I believe your article will do the same thing for me; albeit in a much different setting.
I spent Friday through Monday visiting some friends in the Reno area, and photographing antique guns as eye candy for the next book. Unfortunately, I took the small/medium sized Breathe Right strips, which do not work quite as well for me. I'm sure whatever progress I was making on weight loss was completely defeated by a couple too many excellent meals in some of the Reno casinos. (One of the friends we were visiting had made some four digit wins the previous day on the slot machines, and insisted on buying us dinner.)

UPDATE: Another blogger reports on taking my advice:
Clayton tried Breathe Right Nasal Strips. Reading of his success, I tried them and had three of the best nights of sleep, I have had in the several years.

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