Thursday, August 10, 2006

Interesting Benefits of the Breathe Right Strips

I've lost three pounds since Sunday morning. This is consistent with the improved quality of sleep that I have been experiencing. I still have a few weeks before the CPAP titration study, so I can keep seeing if this makes the progress I need. If I can manage three pounds a week between now and the CPAP titration study (a definite optimistic assumption--I know that keeping a linear progression on this is difficult), I will be down twelve pounds--enough progress that in combination with the Breathe Right strips, I should get increasing improvements in sleep quality.

Another benefit is that I have regained a sense of smell. I have had limited abilities to smell anything but the strongest aromas for a long time, because of sinus congestion--and now, all sorts of subtle smells are readily available! It isn't quite like regaining eyesight--smell just isn't that critical of a sense, and at times, it's actually an advantage!

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