Thursday, July 20, 2023


I decided to get some of the French flour reputedly not a problem for the gluten-sensitive.

I made a load yesterday and my wife confirmed no gas, tummy upset or bloating. 

It was just wonderful bread.  Worth eating without butter.  I could almost imagine being a medieval peasant.  Of course they would have had brown bread and no Internet so ...

It was a bit too crumbly to slice well.  The breadmaker's recipe for white bread had no eggs.  I should have added them anyway for that reason.


  1. Instead of ditching the gluten, did you ever consider ditching bread entirely? In fact ditching all grains?

    When you and/or your readers have time, you'll see there is all sorts of interesting stuff on the Internet and YouTube from credentialed experts (tons of MDs) and some informed armchair types demonstrating that animal based products/saturated fat have gotten a bad rap and plant based products are overrated as health foods.

    Keto-carnivore is arguably the healthiest way to go ESPECIALLY for people who have medical illnesses.

    Most MDs however aren't aware of this or are otherwise resistant. If you have cardio issues and tell your Dr. you are going high fat/keto he or she is probably going to chastise you.

    1. Giving up bread is a struggle. I like the idea of going mostly carnivore and at times I have done so.