Saturday, April 22, 2023

To My Surprise and Pleasure

Valley County Idaho has a light pollution ordinance.

The glory of the Milky Way in summer, constellations clearly visible, and the joy of seeing the sky as our ancestors saw it for centuries.  I wish I knew how to create a movement to that end in Canyon County although the horse way out of the barn here.


  1. You made me think of the night sky photos made by the Mount Wilson Observatory during WW2 when there was a blackout in Los Angeles. The horse is so far out of the barn here that the very concept of a barn is only an ancient legend.

    1. My father and I made my first telescope in Santa Monica in 1971(?) The sky was not dark but the inversion layer calmed the air. The first object I saw through was Saturn at 224x. Wow!

  2. Yes the horse is out of the barn but without a law it will only get worse. Grand-father existing lights if you must.