Monday, March 28, 2022

The Glory That is the EU

Over at Reddit is a discussion of the prospect of Germany building a real military again, and why this would better be an EU project.  Some of the European comments:

While I don't really have anything against Germany in particular arming itself, I'm not sure if solving European issue of underdeveloped military should be left to specific nation states in this day and age.

I'd rather have it as an EU project.

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I'm sure many people would love that. But we'd probably run into the same issues as any EU project: We'd have to agree on how to do it, who to contract, where to put the money, etc.
And agreeing on something is a thing the EU is just terrible at

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as a EU citizen i found it hard to agree with that but i do agree with that.

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I'm from the EU, I must therefore dissagree. But I hope we can work together to make it work in a slow, confused, expensive way. And after a vote!

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