Monday, September 14, 2020

Can You Find The Article From Which This Graph Came?

This page contains a very good New York Times article about the centuries old drought history of California, and this graph:

Now there is a source, but after the Bellesiles matter, I like to look things up and verify the source.  I cannot find a article by E.R. Cook that contains such a graph, although I have found many articles by Cook about North American historical drought.  Can you find it?

Thanks!  Here. E.R. Cook. et al., "North American drought: Reconstructions, causes, and consequences," Earth-Science Reviews, Volume 81, Issues 1–2, March 2007, Pages 93-134

My librarian downloaded the full article.

The original graph, obviously modified a bit.

The essential fact is unchanged; western North America is ahistorically wet; droughts coincide with the Medieval Warm Period.


Unknown said...

I see a 2018 iteration here:

sourcing it to this article:

When I retrieve that today, the captions are misplaced from the pictures on my browser, and I find no reference to Cook in the article.

JohnG said...

Don't know if this helps Clayton but I rad about this graph earlier on a post on here:

Unknown said...

E.R. Cook et al. / Earth-Science Reviews 81 (2007) 93–134

points me to

Cook, E.R., Woodhouse, C.A., Eakin, C.M., Meko, D.M., Stahle, D.W.,
2004. Long-term aridity changes in the western United States.
Science 306, 1015–1018.

Unknown said...

OK, it looks like it is a redrawing of Figure 10 from Page 110 of the journal, page 18 of this PDF file:

Comparison of the two graphics here: