Thursday, August 2, 2018

What a Surprise

8/2/18 AFP:
Washington (AFP) - A Chinese-American engineer faces charges of stealing valuable technology from General Electric, sneaking it out hidden in a picture of the sunset to take to China, the US Justice Department said.
Xiaoqing Zheng, 56, a US citizen also believed to have Chinese nationality, was due to appear before a judge in Albany, New York on Thursday, a day after his arrest, according to federal prosecutors.
Following a four-year investigation, the FBI arrested Xiaoqing Zheng after searching his home and finding, among other things, a handbook detailing "resources" Beijing would grant to individuals providing certain technologies.
It's almost like we are at war with China.


James Gibson said...

He also had a backpack ready with his passport and $20,000.00 in cash. In a further search of his home the FBI found an additional $30,000.00 in cash. His lawyer has already gotten him out on bond $100K. He will be reported missing within the month and probably in China by September via either Canada or Mexico. They say he owns companies in China, but if so why was he working as an engineer in New York. And yes the $100K bond is a joke compared to the value of the technology he stole. This is getting ridiculous.

J. Gibson

tkc said...

It is not just the US. China appears to be willing to steal technology from anyone.
Here is an article on Chinese copycat cars.