Friday, August 3, 2018

The Ultimate "Do Not Try This At Home, Kids" Video

From uranium ore to metallic uranium in some guy's home lab:

And you thought a website showing pronouns having sex was unlikely.  You can find anything on the Internet.  Remember Doc Brown having to buy plutonium from Libyans for his repurposed DeLorean?  I suspect if you look long enough, you can find some guy showing the used uranium fuel to plutonium process on his kitchen table.  Okay, it might be one of his last videos.


James Gibson said...

How to glow in the dark in five easy lessons. But seriously, we have so many Ricin scares- some quite real- that this world is filled with internet recipes for doing seriously dangerous things. To me the most dangerous are the sites telling people to not vaccinate their children given the surge in childhood diseases in this country today.

Clayton Cramer said...

Much safer to refine uranium at home.