Friday, August 3, 2018

The New Camera

HD video auto focuses pretty well:
The advantages of 20 megapixels:

The limitation here is likely the lens that I am using.  A couple years back I had bought a Pentax 100-300mm zoom and took pictures at same focal length with it and a Tamron 28-200mm zoom.  The Pentax produced a markedly higher resolution image.

One of the first largely smoke-free days.

The time lapse mode was a little unobvious how to set up, and unlike regular movie mode, it produces AVI files which I have to use VLC to see.  This was shot in Full HD (4K is an option):

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StormCchaser said...

One disadvantage of lots of pixels: the size of each pixel will be smaller for a given overall sensor size, and that will reduce the ISO level you can reach without the image being too noisy.

I have one DSLR, and it is not full frame, and hence has smaller pixels than a full frame (i.e. 35mm) camera. The result is reduced night performance, which is a problem for open-shutter lightning photography. It is 12MP, btw.

But in any case, modern digital cameras are amazing. The tiny ones in cell phones are remarkably good.