Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Manafort Trial Just Keeps Getting Better

8/7/18 The Guardian:
Gates appeared nervous on the witness stand at the court in Alexandria, Virginia, blinking frequently, his throat apparently dry as he spoke. He frequently used the phrases “It’s possible” and “I don’t recall” as Downing challenged him about inconsistencies in testimony he gave to the special counsel’s office.
“When did you start providing false and misleading information to the special counsel’s office?” the defence counsel asked bluntly.
Gates struggled so badly to give a straight answer that eventually Judge T S Ellis III was forced to intervene. “Did you provide false information or did you have a bad memory?” he asked.
Gates finally admitted that he had provided false information prior to striking a plea agreement. “I did, to one count, your honour,” he said.
So he admits to lying to the prosecutors; striking a plea bargain; now he is testifying against someone the prosecutors want to put in a vise to squeeze.  He also admitted to embezzling funds from both Manafort and the inaugural committee.  What jury is going to give Gates' testimony much trust?

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JLW III said...

This is just hand waving. Where are the bank records? Where are the forensic audits from recognized experts? That's evidence.