Saturday, August 4, 2018

ER Again

Appendicitis?  Apparently not.  But catheterization site in my groin now has a pseudo aneurysm which a vascular surgeon is fixing in the morning.  There is sign of appendicitis and the hope is that pain in my lower right side is radiated pain from the pseudo aneurysm.

The good news is that my anemia is nearly gone.  I had something similar to energy today!  My hemocrit number is almost normal.

Curiously,  the  lower right abdominal pain is either gone or masked by whatever painkiller they gave me during surgery.  I can feel the place they chainsaw ed me open to get to the femoral artery, so I am thinking the "appendicitis" was actually caused by the pseudo aneurysm.

I need to find less traumatic ways to spend weekends.

After a,whole day, the abdominal pain is gone.   Glad I persisted as did the E/R doctor.


An Engineer / Veteran said...

Will continue to keep you in my prayers, Clayton!

Miguel GFZ said...

Do I need to send a Santeria priest to perform a "cleaning" on you ?

coderpunk said...

Yikes! Get well soon.

JohnG said...

Best wishes for a speedy and permanent recovery Clayton. You've had a rough go of it over the last year or two. Hope this is fini.