Friday, April 4, 2014

How Corrupt Is Our Political Class?

Reason conducted an opinion survey recently:
Americans tell Reason-Rupe that 75 percent of all politicians are “corrupted” by campaign donations and lobbyists.  And they say 70 percent of politicians use their political power to help their friends and hurt their enemies.
I always like to live on the sunny side of life, but Americans are clearly inhaling way too much laughing gas is they think that there is still 25% who are not corrupted.


Windy Wilson said...

Rather than ask what percentage of politicians are as yet not corrupted, one might better ask what percentage of anesthesiologists are not addicted to the gasses and drugs they use to anesthetize their patients. It's a big problem, they sit right there breathing the gasses they administer to the patients.

KCSteve said...

Well, if you're talking *all* politicians then I can kind of see it. At the lower levels there are still a lot of folks who are doing it as a duty.

I'd still say they're using their office to help their friends and hinder their enemies though - that's sort of what people get elected to do. The trick is in both how they define the friends and enemies and how far they're willing to go. When a local pol whose district's main employer is in business A proposes laws to help industry A he's helping his 'friends' the way he should. When he slides through an amendment to pump money directly into the pockets of the owners of a particular business, however...