Saturday, September 8, 2012

Captcha Turned Off Again

It is apparently getting more and more difficult to figure out those weird letters that appear when you want to comment.  I have turned that off again, although the quantity of spam comments is pretty horrible.


ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Yikes.'s CAPCHA has gotten noticeably harder in the last little while (measured in days, not very many weeks at all), I was regularly having to try twice on this and other blogs, and I'm not hesitant to hit the "give me another one" button if it looks too hard.

Anonymous said...

The spambot software must be getting really good given how hard the captcha's have become!

Mauser said...

Actually, they now employ captcha farms in India, the software goes to the site, and redirects the images to people sitting at computers who figure out what they are one after another, type it in, and the software feeds that back in to the target site.

John Cunningham said...

I cannot recall whose site had it, but one
guy asks a basic verbal question, like
what is the capital of Mass. or the like...much easier to read.