Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sinus Washes

Instapundit points to an article about sinus washes as a treatment for sinus problems. I've been using NeilMed's product for several years, and I do think that they help. But I would say that the Breathe Right strips that I have discussed here have been more useful. Of course, it's not a choice; you can use both.

One downside to sinus washes--you really need to clean the sink carefully afterwards to maintain domestic peace. There's no question that the saline wash removes stuff from your sinuses--the evidence is unmistakable.

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Unknown said...

Clayton, enjoyed the reading as I'm 15 hours into my post nasal operation. The continual slight bleeding had me concerned but seems it has stopped. It is 230am and I was waking every hour from severe dry throat. My throat hurts and I spit out fresh and old blood. So not bleeding from nose (sitting now for an hour researching and nose pad not catching anything . Makes me thing throat is bleating some... This is first time writing on a blog and even reading a blog. Interested in seeing how this works... :-) .. Blog and recovery