Friday, February 7, 2020

Constantly Changing Closing Cost

From about $4300 now down to $221.  I cannot quite understand, but it looks like my lender keeps giving me discounts.

We should have keys Tuesday, and start moving stuff Wednesday while our fence builders are creating an eclosure that keeps the flying puppy inside.  (She can clear three feet with her belly just a couple inches above the fence.  I am sure five feet is going to stop her.)

The moving of the heavy stuff (couches, beds, drill press, dining room table, telescopes) is scheduled for Saturday the 15th.  A fan is bringing his 16' trailer to help.  If you can help with unloading only in Middleton, it will speed up the process.

The telescopes do not yet have a permanent home.  Once this house sells, assuming we get enough out to pay off the new mortgage (which seems likely), I may have an extension built behind the garage with enough room to hold them.


  1. my GSD would get high enough to hook front legs on top then scramble over. Beware of roaming dogs

  2. Friday's Show: The Rush Limbaugh Show VIDEO February 7 2020 | FULL Rush Limbaugh Show (video)

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  3. That's a pretty high jump for a Beagle. Must be a determined little thing.


  4. Springer spaniel, not a beagle. "Springer" is in the name for a reason.