Friday, March 7, 2008

The Pure Sleep Antisnoring Device

I saw the ad for this on TV. It is an oral appliance that apparently pulls the lower jaw forward to eliminate snoring. It costs $59.90 plus shipping, and has a 30 day money back guarantee. In spite of how well I now sleep (because of the sinus surgery some years ago, and the Breathe Right strips), I still snore--loudly enough that when we traveled with the kids, my wife would usually take refuge in the kid's room.

I am hoping it arrives before we fly back to Washington for the Supreme Court hearings. It would be lovely if my wife wasn't awakened multiple times during the night--which means that I get awakened multiple times during the night. "Roll over!"

The website asks a bunch of questions to screen out people with TMJ and other jaw joint problems.

UPDATE: Short answer: it didn't work for me, so I returned it.


  1. Mr. Cramer, Just read your blog on your sinus surgery from several years ago on the internet. I had mine last Friday and all seems to be normalm but the unexpected shutdown of my bowels and the pain of backing up in the GI tract. I have taken so many laxitives there water treatment center had best tell some employees there going to be working overtime. Because all I can think of is when my GI tract decides to start functioning again... she's gonna blow. good to see this is a common effect. I have never had this type of reaction from surgery.

    Trey Smith
    Matthews, NC

  2. Trey, its the Codeine that backs up the pipes!


  3. I don't know why doctors don't just forewarn us about what painkillers do to our digestive system! After my third abdominal surgery, I called the doctor's office in alarm, and she suggested that I drink a digestive tea called "Smooth Move." Bingo, it does the trick. I now give care packages that include Smooth Move to everyone I know that has surgery. There are other teas out there for constipation, too. They really work. They don't taste great, but when you are suffering like that, you don't care. You just want relief.

  4. A decade ago, I had the same surgery you had done along with the removal of polyps. My recovery was almost immediate; however, I still snored.
    I later went back in to the Dr to have my throat worked on to stop the snoring. The surgery worked. It completely stopped the snoring and I felt like a new man.
    You may need to have the throat part done to fix your snoring issue. Just be prepared for an extremely painful recovery.

  5. Mr Cramer,

    Thanks for the play-by-play article about your sinus surgery experience. My ENT recommended that I have the same procedure done, so I've been researching it for a better understanding of what to expect. I also have OSA, and have been using a CPAP machine for about 7 years. I also have a Mandibular Advancement Device that I use, called the SomnoDent MAS. Many people have had good success with it - it seems to work especially well for people with mild to moderate OSA. (with Sleep Apnea Indexes of 5 - 40.) If interested, you'll need to find a dentist in your area who treats OSA. Thanks again, and best regards.

  6. My ENT has recommended the sinus surgery you described. If there is anyone who has underwent this type. of surgery in the year 2014 I would be interested in reading how it may differ since 7 years ago. Also if those of you have any regrets for having the surgery years later ??