Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unlicensed Practice of Law

Todd Kincannon has been doing a great job of making life difficult for Righthaven, and for the second time, federal judge Hunt is raising the question of whether Righthaven is engaged in the unlicensed practice of law.  From the always on the case Steve Green at Vegas Inc.:
"The court notes that it considered certifying the question of whether Righthaven is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law to the Nevada Supreme Court. Ultimately, the court chose not to solely because that issue is not dispositive of this application because Stephens Media will adequately represent Righthaven’s theoretical interests and the application is untimely. However, the court may yet certify the question in a separate case," Hunt’s order said.
Kincannon's filings on this subject have demonstrated that state after state have found what Righthaven is doing is unlawful: a non-law firm operating as a law firm.  It will be fun watching this go down.  I understand that along with losing much of their staff, Righthaven has recently moved from its fancy offices to a strip mall.  I have read that they recently started using a post office box for their official address--perhaps they aren't sure if they will be doing business out of Steve Gibson's car next.


  1. That is such good news to hear. I have been following this for a while just wondering when the shoe would drop. I first heard about it when they went after "Armed Citizen" and I thought that was no way to make money. This is truly poetic justice.

  2. Sue for your money back and damages.

  3. A class action suit is being prepared.

  4. Interesting. I know in CA that there are certain specific requirements of structure and formation in order for a corporation or a partnership to be a legal corporation of legal partnership.
    Also, in CA I thought it was also not proper for a lawyer to use a p.o. box for his or her business address, as there had to be somewhere to go for service of process and discovery and such.